State of Ohio EdChoice Scholarships

Students must be accepted and enrolled at Saint Paschal Baylon Catholic School BEFORE applying for an EdChoice Scholarship

Step One:

Complete the initial request form or renewal form and return to Stephanie Kess at or bring to the school office.
The following documents must be submitted for each child. The documents must be completed infull an signed:

  • 2024-25: Request Form OR EdChoice Renewal Form
  • COPY OF PROOF OF RESIDENCY (a current utility bill with matching service
    and mailing addresses)

If your designated public school is listed here, you qualify for Traditional EdChoice and do not need to complete Income Verification. Some of these include Richmond Heights Elementary and Middle School and Euclid Public Schools.


Step Two: Income Verification

The Department uses an online Scholarship Income Verification System. The system is available for families to enter and submit their income information electronically to the Scholarship office for  verification. Parents are able to enter household member information, income information and upload supporting income documents directly into the online system.

  • Scholarship Income Verification System Access and Uploading Income Verification
  • Income Verification Helpful Tips
  • Eligibility Amounts per student can be calculated here for 2024-25:
    ○ Calculator parents can use to determine their percentage
    ○ Link to the 2024-25 new award sheet
  • 2024-25 Income Verification Form-This form should only be used as a last resort
    to mail information if the portal does not work for you. It will slow the process
    down and delay state response.)
  • Affidavit for Minimum Scholarship Amount
    Families that wish to only apply for the minimum scholarship ($616.60 for grades
    K-8), but do not wish to submit income information can now complete an affidavit,
    have it notarized, and submit it via the income verification portal. This affidavit
    may only be used in lieu of income information for applicants that are applying for
    the minimum scholarship amount. Once the affidavit is reviewed and
    approved, the scholarship system will assign an annual household income in the
    amount of $10 million allowing applicants to be awarded the minimum amount for
    each child’s scholarship. *** Please note: You still must complete Request
    Form and Proof of Residency in Step One above.